New features: number of sub-skills, skill history and Editor Dashboard!

Hello everyone!

During the last weeks, we've been working on several much needed new features. Thanks to your constant feedback, we've been able to prioritize and so we focused on the features that we think will be more valuable to you.

Number of sub-skills
You've been very clear about the 10 sub-skills cap: it's too rigid and sometimes it makes it impossible to cover all the existing sub-skills, even when putting a lot of effort into grouping them.

So we opted for a more flexible solution, with 3 customizable thresholds :
  • ideal number of sub-skills: it defaults to 8 but you can add more skills if you want. It just shows a message asking you to think about ways of grouping the skills.
  • warning threshold: it defaults to 12 but again, you can keep on adding new skills if you want. Starting from 12 sub-skills, you get a warning asking you to group the skills. It will also inform you that you will not be able to add more skills than the maximum number.
  • maximum number of skills: it defaults to 16 and if reached you cannot add any more skills.
These thresholds can be customized for every skill. So Editors will be able to change these thresholds when appropriate. For example, If you think the thresholds are too low for a specific skill, just say so in the "Discuss" section and Editors will be able to raise them.

To change the thresholds, Editors have a new panel section called "SKILL SETTINGS".

Skill History
We added a new section to the "EDIT SKILL" panel: history. As the name suggests, it will tell you everything that's ever happened to a skill. This information is available to everyone, even anonymous users.

Editor Dashboard
Last but not least, Editors finally have their crystal ball: the Editor Dashboard. At the moment it enables Editors to:
  • follow the recent activity, anywhere in the tree (we are also thinking of making this feature available to all users)
  • easily follow every discussion
  • keep an eye on oversized skills
Minor improvements and bug fixes
We also fixed all the known issues, such as:
  • user names can now contain UTF-8 characters
  • the introductory tutorial is never triggered for logged in users anymore
  • no more moving a skill into itself (!) and better handling of the target mode when moving a skill
We hope you find these features valuable! Please report any problem you may find with them and, as usual, keep your feedback and suggestions coming!

What's next ?
  • real-time notification system with optional/customizable "as it happens" and "daily digest" email notifications
  • copy and link features to mitigate the limits of the tree structure while keeping its fundemental simplicity
  • real time skill counter
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