Roadmap of the next features

Because you are giving us so many fantastic suggestions (and because we already have a few of our own!), we will be regularly updating this post with our roadmap for the next features.

We will be adding them in roughly the same order they are listed here. So features at the top of the list will be our priority.

  1. Fix the "Share" link Fixed
  2. Email notification when a comment has been added to a skill you created or discussed Done
  3. "Delete account" button Done
  4. More flexible limit for number of sub-skills Done
  5. Editor Dasboard Done
  6. Skill counter on the front page (work in progress)
  7. New descriptive fields for skills
  8. Public stats page with "Hall of Fame"
  9. More notifications (along with a "Notification preferences" page) (work in progress)
  10. Copy a skill (with all its sub-skills)
  11. Create an instance of a skill (with all its sub-skills)
Feel free to comment our roadmap and suggest new features by creating dedicated posts :)


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